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Ivy Hageman Branding Photography Session

I was so excited to photograph Ivy Hageman for her new website, because I believe so strongly in everything she is doing. She has been through so much herself, including chronic illness, eating disorders, and a herpes diagnosis, and has found a way to turn around and help others. Often, we are encouraged to keep these issues quiet, but she is speaking out boldly, because as she says, “We heal by not hiding.”

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How to Prepare for Your Branding Photography Consultation

Before we do your branding session, we will get together for a consultation. We’ll ask each other questions, plan the details of the shoot, and this is your chance to tell me all about your business that you’ve worked so hard to create. Here are some ways to help you prepare for our consultation!

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Photos by the Pond

I am stepping into the world of fashion photography. Models. Fancy clothing. Gorgeous locations. Very exciting! Asheville has a growing fashion scene that welcomes collaboration and creativity. For this shoot, I worked with a model who is also just joining the party. Molly is a gorgeous young model with tons of potential. I'm sure I'll be seeing many more great shoots from her in the future.

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Gold! An experiment in studio photography

I am moving into a photography studio in Asheville's River Arts District on January 1st, and I could not be more excited. I took studio photography classes in college, and it was my favorite. So I've been dreaming of the day I could have my own studio for a long time.

"But Sarah, how did you take these images if you didn't have a studio?!" Well let me tell you...

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Ode to Film Photography

It has been over 10 years (let's not discuss how old I am) since I have pressed the shutter on my film camera. But film photography is where I started. With my grandfather's camera in high school, and my Nikon N65 in college, I spent a lot of time in the darkroom. And I miss it. And I miss the look of film.

I've recently started using Mastin Labs presets for my photo editing in Photoshop Lightroom. They replicate the look of film for digital photography. And I am loving them. But I thought, if I love the look of film so much, maybe I should just start shooting film again.

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