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Photos by the Pond

I am stepping into the world of fashion photography. Models. Fancy clothing. Gorgeous locations. Very exciting! Asheville has a growing fashion scene that welcomes collaboration and creativity. For this shoot, I worked with a model who is also just joining the party. Molly is a gorgeous young model with tons of potential. I'm sure I'll be seeing many more great shoots from her in the future.

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Gold! An experiment in studio photography

I am moving into a photography studio in Asheville's River Arts District on January 1st, and I could not be more excited. I took studio photography classes in college, and it was my favorite. So I've been dreaming of the day I could have my own studio for a long time.

"But Sarah, how did you take these images if you didn't have a studio?!" Well let me tell you...

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Ode to Film Photography

It has been over 10 years (let's not discuss how old I am) since I have pressed the shutter on my film camera. But film photography is where I started. With my grandfather's camera in high school, and my Nikon N65 in college, I spent a lot of time in the darkroom. And I miss it. And I miss the look of film.

I've recently started using Mastin Labs presets for my photo editing in Photoshop Lightroom. They replicate the look of film for digital photography. And I am loving them. But I thought, if I love the look of film so much, maybe I should just start shooting film again.

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