Erica Stankwytch Bailey Jewelry

"Commercial photography" doesn't seem like an accurate description of what I offer. That makes me think of large businesses with huge marketing teams. But if you own a small business, you are the marketing team. And the sales team. And the tech team. And maybe the intern who does coffee runs.

So I'm offering more than just taking the photos you tell me to take. I will listen to the story of your brand, and I'll help bring your creative vision to life in photos. Even if you don't know where to begin, I will guide you through the process. You have so many things to manage with your small business. Let me handle the photography.

Erica's Story: Jewelry-Making in Photos

Erica Stankwytch Bailey is a local Asheville jeweler who came to me recently needing several different types of photos.  I was instantly drawn to the project by the innovative designs of Erica’s jewelry, which you can see more of at

Erica and I talked about what her needs were, where her photos would be displayed, her budget, and the important elements of her brand. She needed photos of her working in the studio, a headshot, photos of models wearing her jewelry, and product images of her jewelry on a plain white background. She mentioned that her tools and her hands were important to her brand, and so we decided to showcase them. 

Below, Erica describes the process in her own words:

"Working with Sarah has been amazing. She is talented and professional, listens to my requests and needs and has always come through with really beautiful images. I have worked with her on several different occasions; product shots for my website and marketing, photos of my work on models (both in studio and on location), a shoot in my studio and headshots.

Our first time working together was a blustery January morning shooting on location with two models in the freezing cold. At every turn she surprised me with her keen eye for cool environments and her ability to keep the models (and me) happy and engaged despite the snow. At the end of the day I left her with a tower of jewelry to shoot for product images, which she did beautifully. The product shots were strong, the gems looked alive and the images were delivered in a variety of sizes for ease of use.

Finding Sarah has opened the door to having a photographer that I am excited to work with regularly. As a creative entrepreneur I am so excited to have found someone that I trust with part of my creative vision. I always thought it was just hard to let go of the proverbial reins but I realize now it isn’t hard at all when you have found the right person." -Erica S. Bailey

Photography Storytelling for Your Small Business

If you have a small business that needs professional photos, let's get together and chat. Battlecat Coffee? Dobra Tea? Regular old phone chat? I’d love to tell the story of your brand through photos. To get in touch, you can contact me by phone at 828-450-2648 or send an e-mail to