New Professional Albums


My husband, Jared, told me that making an unboxing video was a super bougie white girl move. And he's probably not wrong. But next time he orders some electronic music thing that I don't know how to use, I'm going to remind him of that comment and see if he can control his own excitement as he opens the box.

I actually did not think I would be this excited about a sample album. But ya'll, it is SO nice. I'm going to go ahead and say all the bougie white girl things I think about it right now: It's the best album EVER. I'm in love. This. I literally can't even. I'm dying. #albumgoals. 

Sarah Hooker Photography unboxing a sample professional photography album from WHCC.

Ok. Now that I got that out of my system, let me tell you why I love it. I've ordered albums from the big cheapo places in the past. And for the $27.99 or whatever I paid, I got what I expected. They were fine. But this one is knocking my socks off. I keep opening the box and admiring it like some weirdo. It's printed on super thick satin paper with lustre coating. WHCC, the company that prints it, is the same company that makes all my prints, so my monitor is calibrated specifically to work best with their printers. Their products are made to be archival, meaning that they are made to last. 


I'm particularly in love with the lay flat pages. It allows me to create stunning 2-page spreads of a single image. And I'm not designing these through some template. I am designing each one from scratch. I design with a very basic white background so that your album will be timeless and the images will stand out. 

This sample album is the basic 7"x5" fabric cover album, and it starts at $65. You can order an album from your online gallery of images from your session. Just order this basic album, and then you can change the cover, number of pages, and size with the upgrade options. I'll then send you an email so you can choose which images you want to include as well as other color and text options. If you want to see an email proof of the album before it prints, I am happy to send you one to approve. 


I have to give credit to the amazing Joanna Marquis who modeled for these shots! She is a beautiful and talented muse!