DIY Copper Clothing Rack


I saw a pipe clothing rack on Pinterest and wanted one so much! It's the perfect place to store fun clothes for my portrait and boudoir clients to choose from, and it doubles as a great place to hang clothes when I'm working with clothing designers.


It looks intimidating, but the individual steps are all very easy. If you have a DIY bone in your body, you got this. It took about an hour total to make, but that was spread out over a couple days as I waited for stain and coats of poly to dry. The cost was a bit high ($75), and I already had a few of the items, but if you buy a premade one on Etsy, it's about $200. SO the DIY version is still a deal.

SUPPLIES (I found all mine at Lowe's):

  • 4 plate caster wheels
  • 3/4", 16"x48" pine board
  • 2 floor flanges (in the plumbing section) 3/4"
  • Pipe cutting tool (I have a really cheap one that you just twist around the pipe, and it works great)
  • 3 copper pipes (5' each, 3/4")
  • 4 copper elbows (3/4")
  • 2 copper T's (3/4")
  • 2 copper caps (3/4")
  • 2 copper male adapters (3/4"). These are really short and have a screw-in end for the floor flange and a female end that the pipe rests in.
  • E6000 glue
  • Screws for the wheels and the floor flanges
  • Stain of choice for the board. Or you could use paint. I used a dark Minwax stain.
  • Polyurethane to seal the stain. I used Minwax wipe-on poly.
  • Beautiful hangers of your choice!

I would start by staining the board. As those coats are drying, you can start piecing together the pipes.

Create the top bar by cutting one 5' piece to 42". Then attach a copper elbow on each end. Let that set before attaching the side pieces. When gluing together, follow the glue instructions for time. TIP: Put the glue on the inside of the connector, not on the pipe itself. This will keep the glue inside and prevent extra glue mess.

Next, cut the other 2 of the 5' pipes at 1 foot (so you have 4' and 1' pieces). These are your sides. Put the copper Ts between the 4' and 1' sections. That's where you will connect the hooks on the sides.

Then create the hooks. Cut 4 small (about 1 1/2") pieces from the leftover pipe. You should have 2 elbows left. Attach 2 short pieces to each of those elbows. One piece will have and end cap on it, and the other piece you will glue to the T's on your side pieces.

Attach the a male adapter to the bottom of each side pipe (the opposite end your hooks are on). Still do not connect the side pipes to the top yet. You will need to be able to screw them in.

Hopefully your board is all done and dry now. Attach the wheels on each corner of the bottom of the board. Then attach the floor flanges to the top of the board. You can make sure they are the correct distance apart by holding up the top bar to the floor flanges. The top bar elbows should line up with the middle hole of the flanges.

Then screw in the side pieces to the flanges. Attach the top bar. Now you are done! Add you hangers and clothes and enjoy!