Senior Photos At Home

I traveled to Winston-Salem to do these senior photos of Ashley at her home. Last year, I had done her brother's senior photos there, and in two more years, I'll be doing her little sister's photos!

When I had my senior photos done, they were done in a studio with some cheesy backdrops. At that age, I had no idea how to dress well or put on makeup. I'd rather those photos stay tucked away. One of my sisters even had a "Got Milk?" photo done for hers, which I now find hilarious, and she probably finds embarrassing. I really hope I can find it and post it...

Seniors and senior photography have come a long way since then. We've ditched the cheesy generic backdrops, and senior photos now focus more on the personality of the senior. Ashley wanted simple and beautiful photos that focused on her and not her hobbies or anything else. So that's what we did, and I think she looks beautiful in them!