Tin Foil Hat Cinemagraphs

My DIY tendencies seem to have no bounds. Yesterday I saw a Facebook post about cinemagraphs and decided I had to learn how to make them. Just like that time I saw needle felting and had to learn how to do it. And screen printing. And aquascaping. And my short-lived wood carving fiasco. After figuring cinemagraphs out though, I love them, and I think I will keep making them!

Cinemagraphs are photos where only part of the image is moving. Normally they are presented as animated GIFs. I love that they are slightly creepy, and I love that they remind me of Harry Potter.

My first two cinemagraph attempts are below. The extremely handsome and talented model is my husband, Jared Hooker. I made these for his band, Tin Foil Hat. If you like indie rock, jazz and classic video game music, you will love Tin Foil Hat! Click here to listen to his fantastic music and be in awe of how one person can contain all that awesomeness.

And here's a bonus for those of you who live in Asheville; Tin Foil Hat will be at The Mothlight this Friday. Here's the flyer (made by your truly!) for the show. Hope to see you there. It's going to be amazing!